Tuesday, June 1, 2010

monday's mountain musings

Our rains the other day did quite the driveway damage. When I called the gravel hauler this morning I explained to him that we were stuck in and no one could get in until we had some work done to the driveway. He kindly said he would get in touch with the driveway fixer upper feller and asked if someone would be home today. I laughed n said ayup we are stuck in and he replied oh ya ain't kiddin huh? Made for a good laugh on an other wise craptacular day. The good thing is that the fixer upper feller is slow enough in work that he can get started on it tomorrow. A big chunk to be putting out but hopefully it will get the driveway back into decent shape for a good while.

The gardens are coming along rather nicely and I will be harvesting cabbage to make kraut with tomorrow. The peas are near played out as is the broccoli. I do not think i am going to grow broccoli in the spring any more it just does no do that well and take a fair bit of space.

I am working on a garden update but thought I would put a pic up of my stick garden. It is actually a flower garden that I threw a bunch of extra beans from last year in to and to my surprise they are coming along quite nicely. Today I went and picked small branches from a down tree and poked them in the ground. I quite like the look myself and hope the beans continue growing. If i could knit or had a bunch of string I would wrap the branches and make them real cool.

Caught a picture of one of our little hummingbirds today at the feeder. Boy they are tough to capture because they are so quick and tiny. In the end I got a half decent pic and am happy, more than happy since my camera is one of the cheapest models there is out there .

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  1. I like your stick garden. Looks very homey.

    That you got a pic of a hummer at all is amazing. I haven't been able to capture the mourning doves or cedar waxwings this spring. They are just too fast or far away.