Thursday, July 8, 2010

tin can-rag garden and gutter garden update

I was reminded today that I have never done an update on the tin can-old rag garden that I made from an old fan   this past spring. I am pleased to say that  despite my neglect  in caring for the plants that I am growing in it,  it has done quite well. In typical fashion I made the little garden and other than watering it every now and again have not given it any nutrients of any sort. While I did only plant basil in it, I did plant them from seed rather than transplants like I have seen most  do with these sorts of beds.  The other thing next to the garden is a piece of salvage from the fifth wheel tear down that I am hoping to set up as a super simple hydroponic bed.
The gutter garden that I made this spring is now on its second crop of veggies. After the first successful crop of lettuces and spinach I now have cucumbers planted in there. While they are growing quite well I am wondering how bad of an idea it was to  plant cucumbers up and over the top of the chicken  enclosure as I have no idea how I am going to prevent them from going over the top.


  1. Hi Dilli like the post is your blog.Just stopping by to say hi.

  2. heyyyyyyyy act , hope you are doing well, h-h is more active these days although not the chat too much.. hope all is well with you...