Wednesday, August 25, 2010

around the homestead-one big pile of...

Grass! This picture actually does not do this heaping pile of grass clippings justice. It stands at chest height and the piece of plastic underneath it is at least 10x12. It  also looks better than most of the hay that we have ever  purchased. Georgia hay is NOT yankeeland hay even if it is labeled as horse quality.

No, this grass is not all from  here. In fact, none of it is. Manthing was paid to cut it all (work is slow, imagine that) and he brought it all home. 2 truckloads have been brought in, in as many days.  I would love to  dry it all out  and bag it up for the winter months to feed to the critters,unfortunately, the weather is not going to cooperate tomorrow, and I have no good place to keep it out of the weather.

No worries, it is not going to go to waste. The goats,chickens, and bunnies  are enjoying it  while it is still mostly fresh, and what I can't  feed out to them will be used in the chicken coop for ground cover and eventually compost. The goats shed will be bedded  and all the compost bins, pits, barrels and  the worm bins will  be filled to begin cooking for the  fall and winter months.  If I still have leftovers, they will be spread about in  the goat pasture  in hopes that some of the seed heads will germinate to fill in any empty patches.  None of it will go to waste. Manthing's  employer  now has a nice manicured lawn at the warehouse and I have a   ginormous pile  of vegetation  to move around in my spare time.

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  1. What a great use of a natural resource. I like how you can use the grass all over your homestead in so many different ways. Very cool that manthing brought it home.
    Seems like a good way to re seed your pasture . I stopped using the grass clippings as garden mulch because of the seeds.
    Never thought of drying it out to use later. If I could scythe cut some long meadow greens seems like it would be really good for drying.