Thursday, August 26, 2010

upcycled bathroom garden

When we  scrapped the fifth wheel trailer out , the bathroom sink, toilet and tub were still in good shape but not really good enough  to put anywhere and actually use. They are all made of lightweight plastic and being near 20 years old, there was no way  they could be used in a bathroom  again. With gardening forever on my little brain, I decided that they were all going to be made into  containers  for a bathroom themed garden of some sort.

This morning while out working  at setting up a couple tire beds in the garden spot in front of the greenhouse, I decided that the space still looked empty and  that it needed something more. The dim light in my head surged and I remembered that I had set them aside and after  some plotting n scheming I came up with a plan.

This is what I ended up with after spending several hours digging the spot out, setting the tires, moving things  around to where they pleased me, filling the containers  and then finally planting them.  To save on soil  I used some tin cans in the bottoms  of all the containers, put a thick layer of  grass clippings in, tossed a few inches of soil on top and then  put a layer of compost on the top. All of them  are planted in different types of greens; from mustard and spinach to mizuna and bok choy. Total cost of the project was my time and $.40 for the two Aleve I had to take  when I was done.


  1. Looks GREAT! Way to recycle and re-use. We're using a bunch of old tires and a water trough that got a hole( we won't mention that someone was told not to bang on the side of it when the water was frozen*wink*) Bind weed is a real problem here, so anything we can plant inside of keeps it at bay.
    Job well done!

  2. Dilli,

    You are the epitomy of re-use and recycle. Great idea. And I thought I was being good saving my coffee containers and such to get seeds going in.