Wednesday, August 18, 2010

harvesting and drying tobacco

I have now begun cutting the  tobacco. The majority of the plants are as large as they are going to get, and are nothing more than worm and bug magnets. As soon as I see them  growing a sucker near the bottom of the stalk I am cutting them just above the node where the sucker is growing. This will give them enough time to grow all over again, and give us a second cutting from the plants as we still have about 70 days until frost.

We are doing things a little different than we did last year  with the drying as well. Instead of hanging the entire plant to dry, we are pulling all the leaves off and stringing them to hang. Hopefully, this will give us enough room to hang  all of it this year, and make it easier when it is time to cure it as we will only need to cut the strings and throw the individual bunches  in to the box to age.

I know, I said I wouldn't do any more videos  but here is  a short one on how we are hanging it to dry. Excuse the mess please, I have more things drying and curing than I have space for so things are everywhere.

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