Friday, August 13, 2010

simply beautiful

I admit, I have a love affair with my camera. It goes with me  almost everywhere, which is usually no where, but  it is always stuffed in a pocket  so that when something strikes my fancy I can capture it in a photograph.

Taking photos has  been a hobby of mine for as long as I can remember. I remember as a little bit  taking my mother's  camera   and taking pictures of everything that I could and using up all her film. Boy she hated getting a roll of film back  from processing that was nothing but things I deemed picture worthy at 4 or 5. My first camera was a Kodak  polaroid and while it was fun in 1975(boy I am dating myself ) to have  developed film in an instant, I much prefer the camera of today. I absolutely love the fact that I can take  and screw up as many pictures  as my lil heart desires and it does not cost  a buck a pop to do so.

I, to this day,use  a cheap camera and  still have no idea how to edit them . I  know how to lighten or darken them and  I know how to put a spotlight around them. That is the extent of my photo editing abilities.  Some days, I think that I would like to  learn how to edit and skew pictures into  works of art  and beauty, but then I think that true beauty is created  and not built, bought or edited in. Altering them in ways that we are capable of today, in my eyes, would take away from that beauty.

One of my favorite photography subjects is  the sky and I am lucky enough to have a beautiful place  that is always offering up beautiful  moments   to capture in pictures.  Here are a few  of my favorite subject that have all been taken over  the last two weeks. All have been taken right out my front door and the only alterations are adjusting the light in in some of them to bring out  the highlights of them. While I  can't speak for anyone other than myself, I think  they are  simply beautiful.


  1. wow, you & your cheap camera take some very nice photos. digital is such great fun, esp when you know how to put them on computer to share with the world!

    I love the blues in the 2nd photo...very striking with a majestic feel

  2. Thank you Michelle, sometimes i look out there and cant believe the skies here are real... someone where i have some posted said God is speaking... he speaks loudly here i guess :)

  3. Beautiful indeed! Isn't it ashame that most people never take the time to look at the sky?
    Thanks for sharing those photos.