Thursday, September 9, 2010

seeds seeds everywhere there's seeds

This is what  my kitchen  project room table looks like today. Good thing we don't need to use  it to actually eat on. Heck, if we wanted to do that we would have to go and buy chairs. What is shown here in the picture is only a small portion of the seeds I have drying. I have them on every flat surface I can find in the room, including the floor. One reminder I will give is, when drying label the paper  you have them on so you remember what they are. I have a bad habit of not doing that, and many seeds look a lot alike.  Once they are dried properly, I package them up, slap a label on them with what they are and the year packed and they get stored away until  I need them.

 Rather than go into all the boring details on how to save seed, I will instead point to the website that I have  found the most helpful over the years. It is a very informative site and does a good job of explaining all the ins and outs of seed saving. Vegetable seed saving  handbook
One of  my favorite books on seed saving is  Seed To Seed. There is actually another book that  I prefer but the name is escaping my poor little brain at this moment. If I remember it, I will add it to  the post later on.


  1. I have a few of the three tiered hanging vegetable baskets that I've picked up at yard sales. I put a paper in the bottom of each of the baskets and use those to dry any seeds I save. Great idea on labeling the papers. I've dried three kind of squash seed at one time and had to guess at what each was after the seeds were saved.

  2. hey dilli, looks like you had good luck with the yellow pears did you like them? Besides putting the date on seeds I wish I would've recorded when I started saving them so I would know how many generations I've been able to keep going. the yellow pears have been here for about 4-5 years now & every year they are producing & tasting great.
    You have a good sized collection of saved seeds....very nice!

  3. Hi Granny J.. I have a granny J too:)... I am bad at not labeling the seeds as they dry ..I never quite know for sure with my melons what they are. This year I started a ? bag of seeds because of it... so it will be a nice surprise when they get planted.

    michelle, for the most part I have done well with the seeds this year. the yellow buggers were by far my best producers over any of the other maters this year.THANKS!! One thing I did not get seed to save from this season was cukes.. no matter how ripe I let them get, they all were floaters.. zukes didnt do too well either but thankfully I have plenty of seeds from past seasons for next year..

  4. I am afraid I haven't saved enough seed this year. I need to work harder on that.