Thursday, October 14, 2010

the changing of the...worms

Since fall has arrived,  it is time to play in the worm bins, take the composted material out, re-home worms and get the bins ready to go through the winter. I got quite a nice harvest of both compost and critters from this summers  bins even though I am a wretched caretaker for them.

It is not that I do not love my wormies, because I do, but they are so well behaved and quiet that I  quite simply forget about them until I need their product. For squiggletown  manor that is  ok as they have a steady  food source while living under the bunnies. For the ones on the porch it is always a gamble when I open it. Am I am  going to find a pile of rotten gooey nastiness or a tote full of lovely  worms. Each time, I have been lucky that they indeed have done their jobs and I have 10 gallons of beautiful black gold waiting for me. I always wonder how people manage to kill their worms off as  I have not once managed to do that and am the world's worst worm  care taker.
 Once I got the bins sorted of worms and compost, I added fresh bedding and food to the porch worms. I then watered them in and brought them in to the  living project room for the winter months. I figured I may as well bring them in now, as otherwise I  will forget  them and the poor fellers  would be left out on the porch to freeze to death.
 In the big bins under the bunnies, I do nothing but clean out the side they were living in as I have been  building up the bedding for them on the other side for a couple months now. I have not  measured how much compost is in that bin but I reckon it is somewhere in the neighborhood of 25 gallons.

This falls compost will go for my new  garlic bulbils that I will be planting this week as well as my Egyptian walking onions that should be here today. I am hoping to create a permacultured bed for both  the garlic ans the  onions and wanted to give them a good start for overwintering.

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