Friday, October 15, 2010

sometimes I feel like a nut...

The last couple days have been  quite windy so I have been harvesting our acorns for the year. While certainly not a banner year for them, there  is a decent amount to be collected.

We have both white and red acorn here on the property. The red acorns are  more abundant and grow to a much larger size than the whites. Unfortunately, the red's, also have much more tannin in them that needs to be leeched out before they can be used. I am trying to get as many of the white's as I can but also collecting a few reds in case I can't get enough  of the whites for our yearly use. Rather than go into big detail on what  I use  the acorns for  and how to prepare them for  use, I will refer to an earlier post I made on the same subject.

Our almond tree did not produce more than a small handful of  nuts this season  but since manthing has been working in South GA we have been able to more than make up for the lack of home grown nuts this year. A few weeks back he brought home a 20 pound bag of peanuts. They will be used  for all sorts of things as well as  for seed next year. I grew peanuts one other time, unfortunately the folks we had staying here and helping out thought they were weeds and they were all weeded out of the garden.

This week on his trip  back from the South  he stopped and grabbed several bags of pecans. At under two bucks a pound, he just had to! While these are still in the shell, they are an easy nut to crack and shell here at home. To buy them up here, they are close to ten dollars a pound for the luxury of having someone else shell them for me.

Later this week I will wander down to the holler and fetch a few e hickory's. Although they are a difficult nut to deal with I would like to make some nut butter with them. A friend and I are  also planning a day to go collect some black walnuts along the back roads for later in the week.

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  1. Hardy's Peanut Farm is about 45 minutes from me - the BEST peanuts and boiled peanuts (short of growing your own, of course!)