Saturday, October 2, 2010

out and about

This morning, the manthing and I headed up to the John C Campbell Folk School  up in Brasstown, NC for the annual festival as I had won some tickets  from Tipper over at Blind Pig and the Acorn. It is a beautiful trip any day but this morning the fog was pretty thick  and it made for a very nice  early fall ride.

 The festival is quite a nice place to visit  and the food served was to die for. It was awesome to go to a festival and get  local, farm raised, organic, on farm butchered and made  sausage on  a dang good biscuit, a big cup of cocoa, and a piece of ooey-gooey butter cake (also known as chess cake)  for much less than what it would have cost to go to a nasty fast food joint and get a pile of fat laden yuck.Our meal  was 5 bucks. I could have stayed all day and  ate my way through the festival and spent less than  going to an amusement park for the day.I would have love to have stayed to have a piece of the porker they had cooking on a spit. It smelled and looked wonderful.

There were some  nice crafts, neat demonstrations and good music there.There were a few things I would have loved to buy if  I had a normal house that is not a dust magnet. But, I don't so I didnt buy anything.  They have some beautiful buildings and gardens at the school and I gave a lesson on making okra coffee substitute to the work study  girl who didn't know what they were going to do with their wayyyy overgrown okra.  There was a fall fairy who was very colorful and a way cool guy. For a little minute I felt like I  was at a rainbow family gathering.   I also got to meet Tipper from the blind pig and the acorn. Good thing she was able to pick us out of the crowd as I would have NEVER recognized her amongst all the people. Sometimes looking different than most is a GOOD thing.

The festival  was  a nice little get a way and  if  you are  in the area and have never been, it is supposed to be another beautiful day in the mountains tomorrow.

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