Monday, October 4, 2010

monday's mountain musings

 Had another beautiful, breezy, and chilly day today so I needed to be busy in order to keep warm. While the shack was only 58-60  at its warmest all day long, there is no way  a fire is being lit the first week of October. Besides, I still have my seed collection all over it and I am not ready to put it away for the winter yet.
 While out and about this weekend, we stopped and got a big  mess of mutsu apples to make some sauce with. Making sauce means  I need a good bit of wood for cooking them down and then canning them. Yesterday, the manthing  loaded the truck up with a nice pile of wood while I was fetching water that is now running at a very slow pace compared to what is was a bit earlier in the year. This afternoon I busted it all up so tomorrow, I can burn it all up.
 Since I knew I was going to be out near the cook top for a good while, I decided to make what I needed for tonight's dinner, heat some dish water , make sweet tea and I had to make an apple crisp on the stove top.  The crisp doesnt brown quite like it would in the oven and I  over did the oatmeal topping a bit  butI think it will still be quite tasty. I swear, there is almost no better smell  than wandering the woods and  getting a good sniff of yummy food cooking. The wind was blowing just right today so  I could smell the apples cooking way off in to the woods. Good thing we are a long way from most of civilization or I might worry about zombies  coming from miles around for vittles.
 I had a big load of laundry that I needed to get washed up today as well. With the dry conditions and a good breeze to dry with I have to take advantage of it. I try to  keep the laundry all caught up including blankets, hoodies, and other heavy things  that I sometimes let go during other seasons  when it is humid and normally rainy . This way, when the wet weather comes in  and gets stuck between the mountains  we have plenty  of clothes to go for a good spell and not worry over whether we will have enough clothes to get us through.

I worked my way through my list of chores in pretty good time and found a bit of time to beat on my drums,  fetch a salad to go with dinner, pack up the manthing's stuff and  get his  cooler supplies all ready for him for a few days  on the road. All I have left is  evening chores with the critters and feeding us  when ever he happens to roll in.


  1. Sounds like a succcessful day! I love the cool autumn weather. We have started two fires in the woodstove so far this week. We just get it going big, then let it die out. It's just enough to take the chill off in the evening.

  2. Dilli, If I was as far away from civilization as you are, I would be worried about zombies. Sure would want more of a guard than my scared old dog! After getting chickens a few years ago I found that the more outside work I do in the cold months, the warmer it feels inside & the more heartier I am. But, I have to tell ya that 58 would be a bit too chilly even for this northener!! Good you had the hot food going for dinner. How do you make apple crisp on the stove?

  3. See, I'd be afraid of bringing in a bear with the apple crisp, but then here in Montana, that's a real possibility.

  4. Michelle, i just chuck it all in to a deep cast iron pan and cover and cook slowly on the top of the stove. It really takes no longer and doesnt taste much different than in the oven...only real difference is that the top doesnt get brown n crunchy

    MH lol we have lots of bear in the area but am not too worried over suckering one in over what i cook..the dogs do their job pretty well and if I get my self in to a huckabuck i have weapons lol