Friday, October 8, 2010

updates on the "junk" gardens

Here are the outcomes of the junk or alternative gardens that I made this year. I cannot complain about  a single one of them  as they have all done great. In fact, they have  performed better than I could ever imagined  they would and will definitely be making more in the future. I have found them to be quite fun  and very easily managed as well. The only fertilizer used on any of them has been bunny poop.  The fan garden was neglected more than it  was cared for and still did well. The tires and the gutter gardens both have to be watered frequently but other than that, they also  produced/are producing for me.

I  can't wait to make more of these type beds over the winter. I am hoping to make a movable  wick bed and we are planning on dropping the frame of the trailer down to turn it into a large divided bed with wicking. I am positive I will  find more junk as time goes on to experiment with.

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  1. yay! I made junk gardens out of tires and milk crates this year (line the inside of the milk crate with a cardboard box) and they did very well.