Friday, January 21, 2011


Went out to do chores this morning and Chloe did not come to greet me so knew we had babies up in the shed. I hollered her name and she answered me with her sweet little bahhh to let me know that indeed we had kids. They still were not dry when I took these but they were both up, nursing and heading outside when I went to check on them all and they look very healthy. I think they are both little girls for a change but won't be too sure for a few days or weeks. I don't want to count my does before their nuts fall. I am sure Abby will be following in her footsteps very soon.


  1. what a nice find! congratulations & great if you got 2 girls!!

  2. Congrats, what a nice way to be greeted in the morning. Glad they are healthy and doing well. You are geting a bit of Springtime early, thanks for sharing it with us too. :o)


  3. What a wonderful morning surprise and how beautiful they are!