Wednesday, February 9, 2011

around the homestead-plants n stuff

All of the seeds that I planted a couple weeks ago are sprouted and growing nicely. The burley tobacco and the zucchini were the last to poke their heads through the soil. They both took almost a week longer than all of the other seeds I started. As soon as the weather breaks a bit most of the starts will be transplanted and go to the GHg until they go in the ground. Another week or so and I will need to get the tomatoes and peppers going.
The GH plants are doing quite well still. Some of the greens are going to seed and the broccoli is almost ready for harvest. Cabbages are starting to head and the peas are coming up. We continue to get carrots, turnips and various greens both from outside and the GH.
When I was out checking on the fruit trees the other day I came across a pretty weed. It is very pretty and about the same size as it is in the picture. I have been searching on the net trying to find out what it is to no avail. Does anyone know what it is by chance?


  1. I'm very interested in how the burley tobacco turns out. I grew some tobacco years ago and it was very beneficial in the garden.

    I can't wait to get the seedlings going here!

  2. send me an email at so I can send the snail mail addy!