Tuesday, February 8, 2011

a bad buck n bouncing babies

As I went down to do morning chores I heard a baby squawling and the normally very docile buck being a bad bad boy. He was attempting to molest the tiny things and ramming them into the fence! He has always been a very well behaved buck and is very good with the babies. Recently though, he has developed an attitude and I don't much care for it. I have been around animals long enough to know that once the males begin being rough or misbehaving, it is better to get rid of them before they cause someone or something real harm. After having to run quick, jump fences (because the gate clips were frozen), grab the buck in one hand while untying rope to open the pasture fence with the other and being entirely mad for having to do all this while it was 27 degrees and very windy while in my pajamas and only having one cup of coffee in my system, I was not the happiest of campers.

After getting mister nasty out into the pasture and making sure the kids were ok, I went to do chores and didnt one of the babies slip through the gate into where his nastiness was. A few chunks of old chicken wire and some string fixed the trouble but then we had to decide what to do with him as the pasture area he was thrown into has no shelter and we still have some winter weather ahead of us. Our options were to do some repairs (several hours) to the old buck pen where there is a shed or build him a shanty in the pasture where he is. We chose the latter and threw a couple pieces of old ply wood up and a tarp. It really is quite charming at least until he decides to chew it up and it will have to do for the time being until we decide what we do with him.
By the time we got to slapping together nasty boys hut, the little girlies were enjoying the afternoon sun and bouncing around the pen. They are so cute but so hard to get good still pictures of because they are never still so I turned the camera on for a minute while watching them.