Sunday, February 27, 2011

Intern position open

We are looking for a summer intern here on the homestead. This is a non paid position but includes a cozy authentic cabin, all the fresh veggies and eggs you want and an opportunity to learn about living the simple life while still having time to enjoy the local area or spend time in the solitude of the North Ga mountains. While here one can expect to learn about gardening and food preservation in a mostly primitive manner as well as outdoor living skills such as foraging for wild edibles and medicinals, structure building, and cooking. Animal caretaking is also involved as is the opportunity to butcher if one so chooses. There are many things that I have not listed; from carpentry skills, improvisation, alternative gardens, alternative building, the list is very long. Ultimately, this is an opportunity for someone to learn how we have worked our way into a near sustainable homestead and then take that knowledge and incorporate it into your life.

From an intern, we expect honesty above all else and a respect for the land on which we live. Our days here are varied as much of our life depends upon the weather. As such, every day there are certain chores that must be done no matter what the weather. Some days can be very long while others we simply do chores. Because we only answer to ourselves, we have a good bit of flexibility in both the hours we work and what we work on. We do ask that each week no less than 20 hours is contributed to the farm although we gladly welcome more if you so choose.We would prefer a committed long term intern for the entire summer, although, this is not set in stone. We do ask for a minimum of a one month stay.

An intern must be self motivated as we cannot babysit you. This means rising early(to beat the heat) and being able to complete tasks after proper instruction. While manthing and I both contribute greatly to what goes on here, he works off the farm and I go to school full time and have normal household tasks to attend to. We live in a mountainous terrain and do most things primitively here, therefore a certain level of physical fitness is important. For this reason, this position is likely best for those in the 18-35 year old range. We live in a remote area as such we do not have a store close by. We go to town one time per month and have no modern amenities aside from the internet. This means no trips to town for zoo-zoos, no trips for cigarettes, no town water supply, no cable tv or any tv, and no indoor plumbing or electricity in the cabin. Cell phone coverage is sketchy at best. We have spring water, a cistern for clothes washing and dishes, an outhouse and solar shower. There is, however, wi-fi available if you have a laptop with a card. At the cabin there is an outdoor kitchen, you can either make your meals there using what is raised here,that which you buy or join us when I cook. We are opportunivores here on the homestead however in the summer months we primarily eat vegetarian. Weekend mornings I cook brunch and I cook all evening meals. All extra expenses would be paid for by you so spending money would be needed for personal needs.

Although the above may seem a bit blunt, I am only being honest and forthcoming with what we expect from people. We, are in all actuality, pretty laid back people that live a laid back life style. We are home bodies who rarely leave the mountain and enjoy our privacy and our surroundings. When not working around the farm we enjoy hiking, campfires, drum circles, music and good conversation. We do not drink however , if you are of age and do so responsibly we have no issue with it. We do smoke , so if smoke bothers you , this will not be a good fit. We, do no allow pets to accompany interns. We have working dogs here and other pets around interferes with their work. We will not tolerate drugs or prescription pill addicts here. If you rely upon either to get through life, this position is not for you.

If interested or know someone that may be interested in this position please contact me at


  1. Oh, how I would love to do this. If only I didn't have a homestead myself!

  2. i'd love that too if i was about 30 yrs younger!!

  3. Where exactly are you located?

  4. Eva, we live in Gilmer county Ga just outside of Ellijay

  5. When are you looking for someone? Could it be suitable for my husband, seven yo and myself? We are looking for something around a month long, and really want to help out and learn as much as we can during that time.

  6. Will you be needing any help next Summer?