Saturday, March 5, 2011

the life box

When our mushrooms arrived yesterday they were in one of those living boxes that are seeded and you rip them apart to plant them. In a few short years, you then have little trees to plant about your little part of the world. Each box is seeded with a number of different tree species as well as accompanying fungi that are supposed to create a little ecosystem. On the outside of the box is a code that you enter into the lifebox website to find out just what seeds your box has in it. Ours contains the following. It looks to us like most all of these trees could potentially grow and thrive here in our environment.
This is not an endorsement of the company nor an advertisement, just something we found interesting and thought would be a fun experiment to document and see what happens. I will likely begin the process this weekend sometime and then do a periodic update on it and see what we end up growing. It should be fun or a really long drawn out ordeal that ends up with nothing :)

The life box site is quite neat. They, of course, sell the boxes but they have a tree planting part of the site where you find the type seeds you have, learn to identify the seeds, and how to germinate and care for the treelings. You can also mark a map with your location and see other box forests.


  1. that's pretty cool. it would be fun to watch what happens with it!

  2. what a cool ecological experiment!

  3. that is cool & fun, I want to order something just to get a box!

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