Friday, March 11, 2011

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Sorry for the lapse in posts for a few days but I once again was at the midterm mark of another semester. Boy time seems to fly these days, it does not seem like I have been back in school darn near a year already. Almost time to start looking for scholarships so that I can continue on.

Things around here have been fairly slow. We are in a lull before the big spring rush begins. We have had some big rains this week and even a few flakes of snow last night so preparing gardens or working outdoors has been very limited but I have been so busy writing papers that the weather actually helped me to get them all done with plenty of time to spare.
Things are really starting to green up now and I have seen my first dandelions. The jonquils and daffodils are in full bloom as are all the fruit trees, even our babies. Many of the overwintered crops are flowering now so there is a lot of color about the place. In the few nice days that we have had over the last week we did get the big front bed cleaned up and partly tilled for potatoes and we got another patch tilled and planted with some experimental wheat.
This morning I was fixin to make some sweet tea and happened to look in the gallon jug of spring water before adding it to the tea.We had to do a little bit of work on the spring the last time we got water and I got impatient and started filling jugs before it had settled back in properly. Here is what I found in the bottom of the jug!

I recently did an interview with thrift culture now on simple living. This is a web site that posts thrifty ideas to lessen costs of living. They also have a facebook page for those that are on there. For those that are interested in the article here is a link to it. the article.

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