Saturday, March 12, 2011

wild edibles of March

This afternoon while the manthing was drilling holes for the mushroom plugs, I had a few minutes to wander around, weed a couple of the garden beds and take pictures of wild edibles that are ready and waiting to make it to dinner plates here in the south. All these weeds were within a very small area and all are in our dinner this evening along with clover, dandelions, and wild onions. They all also have nutritional benefits as well as different vitamins and minerals.
wood sorrel- one of my favorites but also one that can cause upset stomach if you consume too much. the little okra shaped pods later in spring are sour but very tasty to nibble

chickweed -one we eat a lot of as it has many health benefits and is tasty
bitter cress-makes a nice green to add into things and good to weed out of the gardens as aphids use it for a habitat later on

violet-the greens are nice in salad and the flowers are lovely to throw in
Wild strawberry-use when small or the leaves are tough


  1. Great post! I like collecting things from the fields for a salad. Purslane and mallow are two that grow well here.

  2. the wood sorrel looks like clovers awesome to learn from you about wild edibles....would love to see more posts on this :)

  3. ATF.. it does sorta kinda but not really, coloring is different and they are more petite.. i am hoping to do a post or two a month on wild edibles in the yard during specific time periods

    Sheryl. purslane is one i just dont care for ... dont believe we have tried mallow although i know it is here :)

  4. Wow! I have been wanting to know what a lot of that stuff is, but haven't taken the time to really look anything up. You answered it for me. Since we live probably about an hour south of you I recognized everything. Thanks for the post!

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