Wednesday, April 27, 2011

tuesday's tally

Here is the haul from the gardens yesterday. Though we do not have a scale to weigh things with I guesstimate the haul to be 13-15 pounds of grub and several ounces of dried herbs. Though we pick and eat daily from the gardens I rarely post what all we enjoy from them. Yesterdays bounty includes several types of lettuce,spinach,kale,
green onions, elephant garlic,peas, oregano, carrot tops, kale, catnip, lemon balm, and mint.

Yesterday I spent time cleaning more veg out of the green house. Since we don't actually eat the beet part of a beet plant, I pull all the greens, dry them and powder or crumble so that I can use like a spice. I actually do this with several veggies that we do not care to eat that often, it is a good way to incorporate the yucky stuff but have the benefits of the nutrition they provide while no one knows the wiser. In the place of the beet greens, I put in white rice beans. Cleaned out some lettuce as well that was fixing to bolt and replaced it with melon seed.

Out in the beds, I thinned some carrot tops out that will be dried and used as a spice. The remaining kale was going to seed so that got pulled and in its place went some squash seed. Between the carrots,in one bed, I put bantam corn in and I pulled some lettuce and green onions up to make way for either squash or melon. The oregano, lemon balm and catnip also got another hair cut as they were all beginning to get out of control and taking over entire areas where they shouldn't be. Too bad I can't bale oregano and feed it as hay because I can certainly grow the stuff.

I also created 8 more obstructions for the manthing to weed whack around when he blazes trails. Don't know if he has even noticed them yet but he will when it comes time to do it again. For the first time I am attempting to grow veggies from seed in the wick beds although most are still for herbs and flowers rather than food. I am curious as to how well they will do with something that requires a little more attention than something even the brownest thumbed gardener would have trouble killing.

After some rain last evening and big rains today and tonight coming in,the weekend is supposed to beautimous.Hopefully,we will get the last 5 or 6 beds planted and the tobacco patch tilled. I will use today to get school work for the week finished up and get some inside chores that I have been neglecting done


  1. I had so many people raise eyebrows when I told them I planted beets, but only eat the greens. (Bulls Blood Beets.) Good idea with what to do with the rest of the beet!


    Aaaaaand......I totally "blog awarded" you today in my blog :) You all seem FAR busier than I am, so may not even have time/inclination to play along. But that's ok :) Just wanted you to know that I love your posts and follow along!