Thursday, May 26, 2011

splitting the pasture

This week we split the pasture for the goats in half. This will allow us to rotate pasture and/or split the goats up into three groups if needed. The gate is also going to have new fencing put on it but the rains came in before we could get it done today.

This weekend we will begin the earth bag goat shed in the lower half of the pasture and get the tobacco in the ground, finally. We could have done it this morning as well but with the threat of violent weather, yet again, we decided to wait until after the rains passed. Though we only had some small hail and rains, some areas of the county had baseball sized hail. Praise be we did not have that here.


  1. I have pasture and fence envy! We have woods and yard. Looks good, can't wait to see the earth bag shelter!

  2. Those cute little ones are going to be very happy!