Friday, May 27, 2011

around the homestead-tobacco planting

Finally got the first round of tobacco in the ground this morning. Second round has a bit more to grow before planting and the third round is still tiny and wont go in until July or so. Since tobacco needs tons of fertilizer anyway I decided to throw another round of corn in between them all. We typically use store bought fertilizer for the tobacco rather than organic but this year we are trying to go all natural and use wood ash and pee. The plants in the pictures look a bit funny as they were dusted in ash as I plant them. We have also gone to only tilling the rows where we are planting rather than the entire garden. Soon as the new weedeating machine comes in the paths will be mowed down. On the ends of each row I put in winter squash and some melons. I am hoping they will all grow outward toward the fence rather than through the tobacco beds. I really need a ski lift put in on the hill to the lower garden, my legs are tuckered out from hiking up and down the hill somewhere near 15 times.
Found a couple rogue potato plants from taters we had down there going on 2 years ago and decided to pull them up . Check these bad boys out !


  1. You have a lot going on! I know what you mean by walking up and down a hill!

  2. Question: I've read that smokers should always wash hands thoroughly before gardening as tobacco residue may infest plants especially tomatoes (that are not bred to be tobacco virus immune). Any truth to that that you know of and do you have to isolate the tobacco from the nightshade family plants?

  3. Bellen, you are correct. The tobacco passes on tobacco mosaic to toehr night shade plants. Once tobacco is growing we have learned to separate chores, he tends tobacco for the most part and i the other stuff