Saturday, June 18, 2011

making walkways equals more junk beds

After having the terraced beds on the hillside, for a few years now, we came to realize we are not billy goats and we certainly are not getting any younger and something needed to be done. Today, Measa began work on that project. I happened to look over and notice the piles of soil he was making and quickly decided that I needed to make a couple new junk gardens before they washed down the hill in the rains this afternoon. It just so happens that last week we had another box fan die and I had a couple tires laying around that needed a new home.

I went and fetched the tires while manthing got me a chunk of old rug and a big bag of cans and we got to work. We use the rugs under the junk beds for water retention purposes and to make weed eating around them easier. The old cans are used to fill the edges of the tires so that we do not need quite as much dirt. It is amazing the number of cans that can go into a truck tire. While I was filling the tires with cans the fellers filled me buckets of soil. Within just a few minutes we had 3 new small growing beds made and planted with peppers and parsley.
The walkways and steps for the terraces will take several more days of work and will give me another nice pile or three of soil to make use of. Now I just need to figure out what I will use to make a few more beds with when the time comes.


  1. I love the junk garden beds and they turned out so sleek!

  2. Well, there's still a hundred other herbs I haven't heard you mention that would love their own little garden space.... just sayin'... Happy Father's Day!

  3. you sure put the junk to good use & made it look nice at the same time! Now I'm thinking to use the old towels that the goat birthed on last week
    like this..they were washed outside but still kinda yuhcky for anything else, was going to throw them on the burn pile. you already got me growing potatoes in tires!

    awesome help you've got!!