Monday, June 13, 2011

monday's mountain musings

Finally got our help down here yesterday after a rather long delay. No matter, as it is someone that has spent a lot of time here already, knows how we roll, is not afraid to work and has some excellent organizational skills so we can make up for lost time. Manthing had today off so we were able to get some more work done on the goat shed. The outside is now completely covered with the first layer and part of the inside is as well. We are running down the homeward stretch on it so soon we will move on to other projects.
We still have had no rain here, so again this weekend, we had to water all of the gardens. As soon we get accustomed and into a pattern of watering them all the rains will start again. Of this, I am near positive. Today I took a big wooden crate type thing and turned it into a potato planter. This one has no soil what so ever and it was the fastest garden we have ever built around here. I threw some seed taters in as an experiment to see how they grow through the summer in a fairly shaded spot. I also chucked in a couple other seeds just to see if they do anything. The gardens are really starting to take off now and there are blossoms everywhere. We are harvesting zucghini, summer squash, a few beans, carrots, onions, herbs and garlic. Within a week or so we should be eating our first tomatoes and cucumbers too.
Today I am dehydrating something more than herbs for the first time this season. I have about 7 pounds of carrots in and as soon as they are dry will have more to go. The carrots have done very well this spring. Maybe it's because of the tomato plants in with them and vice versa. The tomatoes are super healthy too and instead of stalks have tree trunks on them.


  1. Is this your solar dehydrator? That's a good amount of carrots you've got started already!
    The earth bag shelter is very cool. Glad you could get a bit of help with the work. We really need some extra help here too, but I have no idea where to start looking.

  2. Michelle, yes that is the solar dehydrator... freezing another 10 or so pounds of carrots today...if i had to say where to start looking for help it would be on a wwoof or I would put an ad at the local AG college or on a craigslist post in the town where there are colleges..