Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the changing of the garden

It's the time of year when the summer gardens are dying off and it is time to plant the fall crops. This year, however,and I am not complaining, I am finding myself short of places to plant the fall veggies because so many of the summer ones are still rocking along quite nicely.

The other day I pulled everything out of the pacman bed but for the walking onions and chard. In it, I put about 40 of the baby cabbage plants that were getting ravaged by wormies in the greenhouse. now they are being ravaged by the heat outside instead.
In the big bed across from the GH I pulled the carrots, and the cucumbers this morning. The cukes were still making fruit but I had to get lettuce in, bok choy and more cabbage plants. I did leave the beans as they are still pretty and green unlike the cukes that were starting to look ugly. Yes, often times crops get pulled here based upon how they look rather than on production. If they aren't appealing, out they go!
Down in "the bowl" two beds have been cleared and planted with collard, turnip, and mustard greens along with some kale.I have one more large bed in the bowl that will be planted with cabbage babies as soon as I know we will be getting a good rain to water them in. The corn down there is ready to be pulled, but, all my volunteer tomatoes are mixed among the corn so I don't really want to pull them all out. This is the best year we have had for tomatoes in awhile so it is stock up time on them.
I still have turnips, onions, carrots and more lettuce to go in as well as cabbage. I will need to buy some broccoli plants as the worms in the GH devoured all my starts while I was gone. By the time I got home it was just too late to salvage the little darlings.

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