Monday, August 15, 2011

half baked rolls

Over the last couple years I have all but mastered cooking on the top of our wood fired stove top. I can make almost everything on there and not have to fire up the oven. I make everything just as I normally would make it but instead of baking it I half bake it. A fire is built under the cook top and then I place two bricks on the top of the cook top. Then I place an old oven rack on top of the bricks and throw whatever it is I want to cook on top of the rack. For the rolls, I just turn them over about half way through cooking so that both sides can be browned nicely. It does make the rolls flat on both sides but does not affect the flavor in any way. Things typically cook in about the same amount of time that they would in an oven. For things that cannot be flipped half way through cooking, I top them with a lid that fits loosely over the pan I am cooking in. We even do pizza this way.

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