Tuesday, February 21, 2012

broccoli babies

Today the broccoli babies went from their germination trays into cell packs and were kicked out to the GH to live in the fish tank until planting time. The tank can be covered with a plastic cover if it gets too cold for them, though after this winter it is doubtful they will need it. In addition to these little guys another 40 or so were planted into a GH bed and an outside bed with a makeshift ghetto GH over them on the cold nights. The plant markers are made from old window shades that I have been snipping sections off of when I need markers.

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  1. Loving your blog, Dilli. Reminding me that although I started one or two, I need to get going pronto! Love your approach and different topics.. cool beanz.. hoping to give you positive pics of the seeds I grew from those you sent me! Blessings and happy growing