Wednesday, February 11, 2015

junk gone!!!

Finally, after two months of weather and  equipment delays,  the piles of junk have been hauled away,   the mud pit out front has been leveled, and the driveway has been fixed!  Hearing the machines coming up the driveway was music to my ears and seeing the piles disappear  helped my mental state. The smell of the dirt being moved to level where the house was, was HEAVENLY. Though I think we were both a little surprised a the smell of fire in the air once they started moving junk piles around.  So glad to have the yuck gone!


  1. Getting a big cleanup like that done must feel good!

  2. hey. i am really enjoying reading your homesteading posts. i am a new homesteader myself and i plan to get around to writing about some point. lol. for now, i've just been blogging at bit about frugality. but all these bright, open, airy pics of the outdoors have me looking forward to sunup (it's 2:30 am over here and i'm up late) so i can get outside and get some "homesteady" things done. please come over and check out my blog.