Sunday, January 11, 2015

work, winter and a door

I finally was able to begin working again this week.  It took much longer (3 weeks) than I had intended but I am finally there. Working from home is great but there are logistical hurdles in doing so that are not there in a drive-to-work environment. My equipment is also supplied by the company and due to its  untimely demise,  they had insurance and other issues to deal with as well as the many levels of authority to work through in getting the equipment back to me  Trying to get my system  synched with the company systems  then took forever due to the holidays  and crazy scheduling. That said, it is nice to  have a little bit of routine again,  and will be nicer once we have an income coming in.

Being that we are in our harshest part of winter, not much is going on. The many piles of junk and mud pits are still here and probably will remain here for the near future.  Keeping warm and not baking ourselves  seem to be what occupies most of the time. The tin can internet cafe is tough to get warm and keep warm  on a budget seems impossible while  the cabin once warm  gets too warm in a hurry but also cools down in a hurry. I am so glad we have a relatively short and mild version of mid winter. I could not imagine trying to keep  an rv warm in places where at or below zero is the norm for 5  months of the year.

Though not much can be done due to the weather, the manthing is slowly working on the dry storage area in what was the cistern. Funds are limited and we have to rebuild the roof on the room too so we are reusing wood that was salvaged from the house when we can. The old door that was on the cistern was too damaged to salvage so  he built a new one this week.  The only thing we had to purchase was all the hardware and though it was close to 60 bucks, was much cheaper than  buying a new door. It don't look too shabby and once the  roof system gets rebuild should look right nice.

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