Monday, November 30, 2009

plant modules

Here is a really cool concept (or at least I think it's cool) that I am positive could be adapted in many various ways. For those with very limited space, horrible soil that is non tillable , for those where raised beds cant be built to garden and for folks with limited abilities , I could see this as a very viable option. They do look a bit odd until they begin growing and then they are quite cute .

The basic concept is making soil noodles or pods (modules) from a thin fabric which is readily available at greenhouse or agricultural supply stores. Then run a drip line through the center(or not ) and poke small holes in fabric to plant. Next, plant in the holes you have made and there she grows. Its as simple as that.Once these are up and running they are almost no maintenance especially if you run the drip line through them.

We will be trying our version of this here shortly. We will not go out and buy the material because I think we can rig up some old clothing to make the modules, rather than purchasing the fabric. I am thinking that old pillow cases, sheets, blue jeans, even the plastic burlap sacks would make nice modules. When we make our version of this I will be sure and do an update post on it

For the proper instructions go here.

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