Wednesday, December 2, 2009

wilted lettuce

I have found my self getting a bit tired of fresh green salads and other greens most every night and decided it was about time to try and find some new recipes for uses of lettuce and various other greens. Looking through various websites I found one that was common during the depression era, wilted lettuce.

I had heard of it before and heard plenty of "lettuce ruination" and "its awful" stories so I finally had to try it and see just how horrible it really was. To my surprise it wasn't all that bad, in fact it was quite good. It is not something I would want to eat every night of the week nor several times a week but on occasion it does make for a nice, different, dish and makes for good use of extra greens.

When I went digging around the net I found a recipe that sounded almost good and made a few alterations to it and made it something that we all actually ate, even the pickier eaters enjoyed it.

my recipe

1/2 gallon of either lettuce, spinach or other green of your choosing
3 tbsp sugar or honey
2 tbsp vinegar, (i used apple cider)
one diced onion
3 strips bacon
one egg
one cup light cream or milk

Toss sugar and vinegar with lettuce mix. Fry bacon and onion til bacon is crisp and crumble the bacon into the bacon drippings. Mix egg and milk and add to bacon dripping mixture and cook.Remove from heat. Either add sauce mixture immediately to lettuce or let cool a bit before mixing with lettuce mix (if you let it sit a bit first, the lettuce doesnt get so limp).Top with fresh green onions n salt n pepper to taste

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