Monday, March 22, 2010

lacto fermented soda-part 3

After a week of sitting on the counter  fermenting, we finally bottled up the soda the other day.  Taste your soda daily before bottling. When the flavor  suits you it is time to bottle it up. The longer it sits, the less sweet it will be. When filling the bottles strain and funnel into your bottles. Fill to about two inches below the rim. Your soda is then ready to cap.If you are not using a capper and conventional glass bottles, this  process is the same.

 This was the first time that we have used anything close to conventional for bottling the soda. A friend of ours brews his own beer but is going to go to using a kegerator rather than  filling individual bottles. He has donated me the use of his capper, caps  and  3 cases of recycled glass bottles.

The  capping unit  is a counter model colonna capper.  It has an  adjustable shelf on which to set the bottles then you simply  set the cap on top and pull the handle. You can feel when the seal is made. Then all you do is lift the handle, tilt the bottle and remove.

Once the soda is capped allow  it to sit on the counter for a few more days  to continue carbonating.  Chill in fridge and serve over ice. It is a refreshingly. nice soda  that has a  little ZING  to it. Our next batch  will be sassafras  flavored soda and I can't wait to try it as I really enjoy anything made of it. I have recently run across a fermented grapefruit soda that cuts many of the steps out of it. I am hoping to try that recipe  after our next town trip when I can pick up a grapefruit or two.


  1. mmmmm that looks delish!...grapfruit soda...yum! I imagine it tastes something like the commercial soda named "squirt"

  2. thats what my wish would be misti. I loved that stuff and rarely can i find it

  3. Love, love, love grapefruit flavored soda! I also prefer sassafrass to root beer!

    I'm going to suggest my SIL add making sodas to his microbrew beer repetoire!