Tuesday, March 23, 2010

super simple sour dough cinnamon rolls

Lately I have given up measuring ingredients of any sort.  I have always been an eye baller and non recipe using sort of person  but up until the last few times of making bread or rolls I was measuring  things for those recipes. I think maybe I  have finally gotten comfortable enough in my dough making abilities that I  just started chucking the ingredients in and ending up with whatever I end up with.  Most of the time  this works splendidly but on the rare occasion I end up with way too much dough  and since we like our sweet things around here I had to come up with something dessert like to make  from the left over bread dough.  My solution has  been to make super simple  cinnamon rolls  of the leftovers and boy I have been  busting out some pretty ones lately.

All I do to make them is  take my left over bread dough and roll it out into a large rectangular(sorta) shape.The thinner you roll it  the more swirls of cinnamon there will be through the rolls.  Next I grab the brown sugar  and take a couple handfuls and pat it on to the dough as best as I can, covering the surface  with a thin layer. I then grab the  cinnamon shaker and shake it  over the  brown sugar. Sometimes I add some raisins that I have hydrated and drained. When it looks like enough I stop shaking and begin to roll the dough length wise as tightly as possible. When done  rolling I fold over the two ends and make it so the filling cant ooze out as I cut them into  rolls. Next, I slice the log into  pieces. A very sharp knife works best so that  you don't flatten the log while cutting.   I then  heavily butter a pie pan and place the slices of roll in the pan and flatten slightly. Let them raise  another couple hours as you would bread dough.

Since I have been  half baking mine on the wood stove, I place another buttered pie  pan  inverted over the top and  "bake" on the wood stove top. About half way through I flip the  two pans and cook the tops of the rolls  so that they cook evenly.  For those that use an oven I would think that 20-30 minutes in a 350 degree oven would suit.

After removing from oven  glaze with you favorite glaze. When we are in the mood for sweet and more sweet I top them with a confectionery sugar/lemon glaze . For a creamier less sweet topping a cream cheese/confectionery topping does nicely.  For a sickeningly rich type dessert  add some half and half or heavy cream  for the last 5-10 minutes of cooking, serve hot  and ladle the creamy goodness over the top of the rolls. The rolls  in the photo below are topped with a cream cheese brown sugar glaze.


  1. I love cinamon rolls. I ran across a recipe that used nuts and cranberries and I was hoping to give those a go soon. :)

  2. I love cinnamon rolls! And I used to make them all the time, when I made our bread.
    Here's the link to my post on my favorite recipe for cinnamon rolls http://susan-grandmaskitchen.blogspot.com/2010/03/back-in-high-school-we-had-two-week.html
    Oh, suddenly I can smell that cinnamony goodness!


  3. ty susan.. i luvvvvv cinnamon rolls one of my favorite breakfasts too.. nuts n berries sound wonderful too,


    I make my own bread from fresh ground wheat.. but sometimes (read: most of the time) I don't have time to make any yummy treats for the family.. and this was soooo easy, and yummy... *drool* definitely a new family fav. (and not any hard work)