Monday, March 22, 2010

monday's mountain musings

Two days ago we were wearing shorts, had 70 degrees and gorgeous weather. This morning we woke up to snow and 32 degrees. Of course  yesterday we had gail force winds, hail and  heavy rain. Ah well, you know what they say in Ga (and every other state), if you don't like the weather wait ten minutes. I do believe it is supposed to be back to 60 tomorrow.

Last week during our glimpse of summer we did manage to get  quite a lot done around the homestead. Potatoes and cabbage got planted,wood got moved, worms got a new mansion, garden beds got tilled and  some of the compost was  moved.  My cuke in the loft had a baby and we harvested a couple more tomatoes. A couple nice meals of greens were had as well as a few more turnips and herbs harvested for usei n our menu. All in all the last week  has been quite productive on all fronts. Hopefully this craptacular weather we have had yesterday and today will  move out quickly and  we can get back to spring. It is officially spring now isn't it?

This weeks plans are to continue moving compost,wood and   re-potting all the tomato babies. I am making rolls today on the wood stove, may as well put it to as much use as we can while it is going. Will also cook up a kettle of beans, some pasta, rice and a pile of potatoes so that we have them  later in the week for quick, easy, mostly made  meals.  Once the tomatoes are re-potted  they will all be kicked to the greenhouse  and the loft and balcony will   be an experimental grow area   for the remainder of the year.

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