Thursday, March 11, 2010

mid week mumblings

The last two days have been rainy, not overly but enough to  make it too wet to be out working in it. We actually needed a bit of rain and could use a bit more as we only got about a 1/4 inch total.  I did notice on one of the trips down to so critter chores that many of the  first onions are now poking their little green heads through the soil. That is always a good sign. The peas are still sitting dormant. I hope they poke up in the next couple days or I will start worrying then  replant and then wind up with 500 pea plants.

I have been incredibly lazy the last two days. Instead of seizing the down time  from outside chores and getting some of the inside  spring projects done I did  nothing for the most part. I did clean the silverware drawer but that is it. 

Tonight I am making some home made yogurt. I made a large batch   as I need some that I can use in place of sour cream, some for yogurt and some for yo-cheese. Earlier I made some chocolate granola crunch so that  we can have almost good for us snacks in the evenings.  Dinner tonight is luvvin (lentil) loaf with  cheddar n garlic mashed taters and some corn on the cob.

Gumbalina is  getting large these days. She is near a month old and momma  still says  she's the best baby in the whole world. I don't know about that but she  is pretty cute even with the red hair thing she has going on.

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