Monday, March 8, 2010

monday's mountain musings

We have been quite busy over the last several days working on getting the raised beds back in to crop ready shape. Thus far we have about 1/6 of the beds ready for planting. Couple, few more weeks and we will be done.  The weather has been absolutely gorgeous so staying out and working until you are dog tired is or has been pretty easy. 

This past week I planted more onion sets, more peas, lettuce, radishes, spinach, some carrots, collard and  beets.Today i moved the container plants i have had in the gh  out in to the hot tub. If it gets too cold out I can just run a plastic sheet over the hoops and turn it into an insta-greeh house. This gives me a bit more room in the gh as soonly more babies from the house will be moved down there. My peas and lettuce in the gh are now sprouting nicely as are my experimental tomatoes, cukes and zooks in the house. I got the potatoes chitting today for a St. Pat's day planting.

Today our last doe kidded and gave us another buckling. This gives us 5 live kids for the year. All will  probably be sold once they are weaning age as will  a few of our does. We are going to go with just three   goats from here on out as this will make  us nearly sustainable with their feed needs.

 Here is a bit of video from when I discovered  Abby had kidded today. I was intending to bed them and get them their leaves to munch when I found the new lil guy so instead videotaped  babies.

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