Sunday, May 16, 2010

rose petal jam

A couple days ago one of the blogs I like to follow made a post on rose petal jam. Having just come inside from taking pictures of the roses I decided that rather than let them go to waste on the bush I was going to make me some jam.

This morning since we had the fire built up good for some cooking I decided to make it. I followed the recipe  from here and it turned out quite lovely looking. Now if it doesn't taste like a giant bottle of perfume we are all set. 


  1. My DH's grandma used to make rose petal jam. Tasted sweet with a hint of rose.
    I loved her fushia berry jam. She picked the fruits of native fushias and made up a jam, really a jelly, again it was just sweet with a hint of fushia taste.

  2. let me know... I have five acres of wild roses (damn thorny bushes) and I'd like to be able to put them to SOME use

  3. Looks beautiful. So, how's it taste?