Sunday, May 16, 2010

today's harvest 5-16

Yay! It is finally getting to be the time of year when the majority of our daily food is what we pick  that day. While most of our food here is what we have grown and some of it is always fresh, the summer months are my favorite when food goes from ground to  tummy in a few short hours.  I love not having to preserve my food in any way shape or form  and is one of my reasons for wanting to become successful at growing a well rounded garden through all four seasons.

Each year I talk about wanting to write down and photograph each days harvest and meals and try to eat nothing but what has come from the farm or foraged  but I never  do. I won't again this year as it would be too time consuming and I would forget more days than I would remember  but I am going to try and show a bit more of our daily harvest through the summer months.

Here  is  today's  harvest from the homestead. When I say one meal it is one meal for two adults.  Salad greens for two meals, one main course and one side dish. One meal of peas as main veggie.One main course meal of turnips. If I had saved the greens for our consumption it would have been two but the critters needed a treat and  quite frankly I am tiring of green vegetation. 6 eggs which is a meal for us with an extra one for me another day   because I am on a crazy egg kick lately and one for  big white dog because he is spoilt rotten. A couple cups of goat milk for  cooking ,making cheese and yogurt. I also made the rose jam this morning  but since I have to buy sugar  that is only half a harvest.


  1. Very nice! I am far from producing the majority of our food myself, though I'm sure I could get closer if we just decided that what we produce is what we eat. We eat too much anyway!

    Today I harvested: A couple dozen radishes, a bowlful of mixed salad greens, fourteen eggs, and a half gallon of goat's milk.

    Most of the eggs will be traded for vegetables, and the milk will be made into cheese as soon as I have two gallons. The radishes and greens are in the fridge for a salad for tomorrow.

    What did we actually eat today? Oh, a restaurant! That was dinner. Breakfast was homemade bread and raspberry jam (from last year) and coffee and cajeta (goat's milk caramel)
    so I guess if we had just eaten at home instead of going out we would have had a mostly home-raised meal.

  2. Thanks! Aimee yall could do it if you had to though and that's Great! Things would get boring and repetitive as they tend to do here but without much effort you could survive on what is coming in from the gardens and critters for the most part.. BTW I enjoy reading your blog and love watching you with the bees!

  3. You are doing so much & I am impressed that you can bring in so much of your own food. It always sounds/ looks good too!
    If we can eat just one thing a day from our own garden/hunting I would be happy. I am working hard at planting A Lot more this year.
    the growing season her is way behind, our radishes have just sprouted & spinach has a good start. Strawberries are budding.
    I did make rhubarb pie w/ our own eggs & neighbors rhubarb. You are getting tired of greens & we are waiting for them!