Friday, May 21, 2010

two of my girls

Gumbalina is a growing girl. She was 11 weeks old in this picture a couple weeks ago and as you can see she is already learning how to fold and put away laundry.

Here she is with her momma yesterday. Yes that is drool n bubbles coming from her mouth as she is cutting teeth already.


  1. absolutely gorgeous... but may I assume Gumbalina is a "blog name?" And if not, what do you call her... Gumby?

  2. yes gumbalina nickname she was given in utero ,, her first US mama said it looked like a gummy bear when we found out she was a girl it needed to be feminized and gumbalina has stuck.. her given name is allison "allie" marie and allie was our first goat as well..

  3. and nope i call her gumbalina i kinda like it :)