Saturday, December 13, 2014

a bit of green amongst the rubble

I know this may seem a tad silly to some but..

We had a couple-few bags of wheat stored for grinding and planting. When the house burned, it was spread everywhere where the house stood then scooped up into the piles of ashen rubble. A few days ago, I noticed that it was all sprouting and it looked so pretty in amongst all the nasty.

Yesterday we  got a quote from someone to come and remove the rubble and flatten out where the house stood and I came to the realization that my beautiful wheat was going to be landfill material. The thought made me a lilbit ill so I decided that I was going to move these perdy lil wheat patches.  Some I will move to a garden bed where they can grow and the remainder, I am going to stick in pots until  the ground gets flattened. Then, I am going to transplant them so that I have lush greenery about me and the added bonus of wheat come spring. In truth I don't know if it is going to work but, I am most certainly going to try.

I am a little excited about  this coming spring too. We had so many seeds saved and stored as well as a stash of beans,  lentils, corn and wheat. I am wondering just what will sprout and where, if any.

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