Saturday, December 13, 2014

cleanup progression

After the skid loader came and  knocked most of the place down, we were left with one room and the foundation blocks to finish cleanup of the actual house. We also had to remove several trees on the hill behind the house because they were burned and would be a hazard to anything we decided to put there in the future.

Once this was done we finished the cleanup of where the house stood.  We somehow managed to do this in two weeks time  of when  it actually burned.  We think we did it  pretty quick for two middle aged half broken people. We also had to dismantle the brick stove/oven as it too was pretty severely damaged. For me this was among one of the sadder days we have had.  I know it too will be rebuilt but I guess maybe that's when I realized how drastically different life was going to be for the foreseeable future. I don't mean this in a bad way but, things are definitely different.

The final cleanup of where the house stood was finished and moved out of the way. Ok, not really out of the way but out from in front of where the camper was going to sit. There were mountains of ashen rubble,  scrap metal, burned wood and brick and block all over but they were in heaps of their own and things did look much better than just after the fire.

and there is also the  big pile of ashen rubble as well as the pile of salvageable wood.

We could now move the camper to where it was going to sit and become the internet café. We dubbed it that because it will be my office for work, internet is there and it is where most of our cooking will be done. Well, cooking wont be done inside but rather outside on a fire and  since it has power we could move food out of the coolers and into a fridge.

This sign actually survived the fire somehow! 

We have since cleaned up many of the piles all around. The bricks and blocks are sorted, and the other heaps will be leaving  within a couple weeks.  This was a turning point for us. We finally felt like we were actually getting somewhere instead of just playing cleanup. This would  allow us the ability to  get a new power pole set and eventually get the phone and internet turned back on. We also  decided we could actually take a shower and not be dirty again within 5 minutes. 

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