Wednesday, December 10, 2014

a very long hiatus...

After a very long hiatus, I am back. Life happened over the last couple few years and  priorities had to change a wee bit. The manthing fell at work and was quite injured so I had to pick up slack and go back to work on top of finishing school leaving me with little spare time. I finished school this past June and am/was still working full time up until recently.  Additionally, I was feeling that there was little new to add to the blog, so why  rehash everything that had already been written. We were still homesteading and doing everything, it just was not written about.

Well... life threw us another curve on November 15 and the shack burnt to the ground along with everything in it.  Though we are fine and will continue on, it means another big change or group of changes we are  going to be dealing with. For the near future, the blog will serve as a forum for me to share what we have gone through, what we will continue to go through for some time, lessons we have learned from it all, and what we are doing/changing to  make advancements in  our chosen lifestyle while  rebuilding and continuing on.

 This will not be a woe is me or pity me project but one that instead focuses on changing and growing through  our experience  in a way that hopefully can be inspirational  and/or helpful to others  that find themselves in  a situation where all hope could be lost..

To be entirely honest...thus far,  this has been one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had and will continue to have for a while, even through the hardship of it all.

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  1. Glad to see you back, but not glad it took a house fire to get there. Glad to know you are growing through it all. Blessings.