Saturday, March 20, 2010

around the homestead-amending the soil

Today was  spent both amending the  soil and planting. I worked on getting the potatoes in the ground  while the manthing loaded up the truck with a load of compost to take to some of the beds. His original intent was to load  the truck, move it up by the shack  and then wheel barrow the entire load down in to the front bed.

As is  usual with  well laid  plans, things did not go accordingly.  I needed more space for potatoes than I thought I was going to  and the only other bed that  could hold all the remaining  taters I needed to plant had not had any amendments put on it as yet so  he instead needed to take the first load of compost to the beds down in the bowl area rather than the front hill.

  In the end I think this  worked out better overall as the whole taking the wheel barrow loaded with compost down wooden ramps was much more work than he had anticipated. There was also a bit of a danger factor to the whole scheme as once the WB  skidded off the ramp going   down gravity took over. Have you ever tried holding a 300 pound wheeled object back on a  20 degree incline with wheel barrow handles? Any how, after his third trip down  to the front bed we decided that once we he got the truck  unloaded we were going to find another way to finish amending the soil in the front hill beds.

After the last several days of beautiful weather and putting in a lot of time doing loads of pretty manual labor we are ready for a day of laziness and rest.

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