Monday, March 15, 2010

monday's mountain musings

Bleh, enough of this dark gloomy, damp, wet and all out rainy weather. This is seven days of  this nonsense now  and it is starting to wear on me a  bit and my butt is going to callous. I know I could be washing walls, cleaning cobwebs, folding laundry  or any number of inside activities but as i said the gloominess is wearing on me.

To top it off the last couple days I haven't been  feeling all together great so  am being a whiny baby  about not feeling well.  I do feel much better today than yesterday but  still have the achy, stuffy head, chest congested  feeling about me and an earache too. I have been nursing my self with  my  viral care tincture,  smoking  my mullein, rubbing my feet with  oregano oil, drinking herbal  teas and  I am  going to mix up some of "grandmas turnip soup" for dinner. Oops, I forgot to mention the eucalyptus salve on the chest too. The aroma that surrounds me is  definitely interesting at the moment to say the least.

The gardens are all  doing seemingly well. Most all the seed  that has been planted has started to germinate other than the tomatoes n tobacco from the other day. My mesclun mix that overwintered outside is forming seed heads, YIPPY! Maybe this year I will actually master harvesting lettuce seed, something I have been  unable to do successfully thus far.

Truth be known, I have only been attempting to save our own "salad" seeds for two years. When it comes to saving my own  seed, I don't have much patience with things. I get sick of looking at the useless plants and yank it out or I decide to save a crop for seed that  was not planted in the right time frame for me to get seed. Last fall I came so close  to getting good seed  when we had a killing frost and turned my mother plants to mush. It was a nice surprise to go n see my now quickly growing mesclun   this morning and see the seed heads  forming.

We should be planting our potatoes n  cabbage plants this week but since it is so wet, we may have to wait several days to be able to get into the beds. We will most likely begin working on pushing the woods line back to where it belong as it  has started invading some of our space over the last couple years. I also  need to get into the azalea garden and clean up the briers that started growing and weren't kept in check. There is also a poplar tree in the middle of it. Those things are just like weeds and I swear if you don't remove every bit of root when removing one from somewhere, three grow to replace the original. 

Then again, since I don't feel all that good and the weather isn't all that great I could roll out the bed, confiscate the manthings computer (it has better sound), make me some honey sage tea and curl up with every single episode of "the magic school bus" that a  sweet friend just sent me.(grin).


  1. I have only had luck one time saving seed from lettuce. Well, maybe twice if this years seed germinates...

    I think one trouble I had was storms knocking the lettuce stalks over before they were ready. So last year I planted some along a fence and tied it to the fence.

    I can actually see the seeds in the bag with all the old lettuce rubbish. I couldn't winnow it out because the seeds were so small and lightweight that they too would blow away...

    Plus the first crop that came up from saved seed was simply where I tossed the leftovers from the lettuce that grew in the greenhouse. I left all the stems and leaves and whatnot there over the winter with the seeds underneath and lettuce came up everywhere underneath.

  2. I am hoping maybe the ones that got killed off last fall may magically sprout this year.. I remember you n I talking about the plants that are annual but often grow as perennial. In fact i was talking to manthing about it again this am... A surprisingly large amount of stuff will come back when we just leave it up to Mother