Monday, March 15, 2010

simple supper-creamy root veg soup

I started out today going to make "grandmas turnip soup"  but I quickly realized as  per usual that the recipe would  not suit  our palettes in the way I wished and to be honest it was too white in color  to be  appetizing and appealing to the eye. My alterations to the recipe no longer left  it a turnip soup, it now turned it into a root veg soup.

creamy root veg soup
3 turnips cubed
2 medium potatoes cubed
3 slices bacon cut in small chunks or cooked in advance and crumbled
one medium onion diced small
1 medium carrot shredded or sliced thin
2 cups veggie stock  or 2 cups water and 3 bouillon cubes
2 tbsp flour
 dash pepper
1/2 tsp cumin
 cover potatoes and turnip with water and boil until tender .Drain off  all but about one  cup of the  water and Puree remainder with veggies  in food processor In the meantime in large sauce pan, cook bacon  drain off all but 2 tbsp fat,add onions  and saute.When done add the flour stir  and slowly add   the veg. stock, spices  and  all but a few tbsp of carrot. Heat and simmer for 5-10 minutes,reduce heat. Add milk and pureed root veg, stirring continuously until  mixed. Heat through and serve hot. Garnish with  some carrot bits and some green herbs. I used kale and parsley on ours. If you wanted to used bacos or some sort of substitute  or emit bacon altogether it would still be very good. Some cheddar cheese added in would be nice  as well. If i had thought about it I would have added a bit of parsnip too and it would have given a nice flavor.

This was  a very good recipe and made a thick,  hearty, tasty and very healthy  soup. I served ours with  toasted cheddar baguettes. It is a very cheap  meal to make. I think it could be a very versatile recipe depending on ratios of veggies you put in. Maybe  add some sun dried tomatoes and corn bits and serve with croutons.

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  1. This looks yummy! I am always looking for hearty soup recipes (makes my hubby less likely to want something alongside the soup and salad). Thanks for posting!