Monday, April 12, 2010

around the homestead-fetchin greens

Since we can't free range the chickens nor the bunnies  and buying hay and feed are so expensive one of the things we do around the homestead is " fetchin greens. " The bunnies actually prefer  the fresh food over commercial store bought n  during the times of year that greens abound, they eat nearly no commercial food even though it is still given daily. The hens love vegetation as well and  I swear  the yolks are a deeper orange color  when they are fed  it daily and in copious amounts. During the winter months  the greens become more of a snack than the main course although this coming winter we are hoping to change that.  With us going and spending a few minutes a day to gather greens for them it saves us about 170 dollars a year between  just the chickens and bunnies. If we factor in what we gather for the goats over the course of the year instead of buying , this probably saves us several hundred dollars. To us it is just another why purchase something when nature freely provides it for us, all we have to do is go and gather.

Depending on the time of year it might just be heading to the gardens and chopping assorted greens,it may be the weeds from the gardens  or it may mean wandering about the land and literally fetchin them. I actually enjoy fetchin  greens. I am busy and doing something that saves us oodles of money but at the same time it is a leisurely job that  I can take my time doing and  I normally do a walk about of all the gardens while doing it so I always know how things are doing. 
Here are Rachel and Reba picking at their greens. I enjoy watching them  kick through it, toss it around and eat it. Sometimes I also gather them  worms and throw in their  pile of goodies, there truly is not much better entertainment on the homestead than watching them   fight over  them.

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