Sunday, April 11, 2010

dehydrating today

Yesterday we pulled the  dehydration station out, got her cleaned up and ready to go. Today we are dehydrating for the first time this year. I have some green onions and onion tops in the bottom two trays and a  mix of kale, spinach  and other  greens and a  mess of lemon balm in the top level.

 For those that have never seen our dehydrator the original post on it is  here.  The only difference in it now is that we have three trays to dehydrate with instead of just the one.


  1. Love the idea of your outdoor dehyrator. I've used screens in the past, but it's so humid here, they just never seem to work well for us.

  2. try putting screens in a closed car parked in the sun,,, works a charm :)

  3. Do you ever dehydrate dandelion flowers? Would you have any tips for dandelion tea?



  4. I to am curious of the health benefits of dandelion flowers made into a tea...I am fond of raspberry leaf tea...