Thursday, April 15, 2010

goats going out to pasture for the first time this spring

 Last fall we reseeded the goats pasture in hopes of it producing better for their grazing pleasure. We have been keeping the goats off of it in hopes of it getting better established, unfortunately it still is looking like it  it is not going to grow in as we had hoped for. Today however we were cleaning their little loafing shed  and it makes things much easier  if we   lock them in the pasture while we do our chores.

Here they are patiently waiting to go out into the pasture for the first time this spring.  Manthing was out walking the fence line making sure  things were all in check before springing them and I was doing other things when I saw them all lined  up  n ready to go so I took a picture. They weren't waiting as patiently as they  look though as you will see.

The half naked goat is the one that began  losing her fur as she shed. She is also the one that escaped for the night and had to have squeezed her self out a very tiny space in order to get out. We originally thought it was stress from her escapades that may have caused this.  Needless to say she, or they,  all were wormed and    given mite/louse treatment. None of the others experienced this whatsoever so I don't  exactly know what the cause was. She is regrowing the lost hair and never acted or exhibited any signs of illness nor does she now but she sure is ugly!

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