Thursday, April 15, 2010

around the homestead-shed/coop cleaning

 Yesterday was spent cleaning the chicken coop  and today was the day for goat shed cleaning and maintenance.  I would normally break the two jobs up by at least a few days but since we are in a dry spell as well  as a break in planting chores we just decided to getter done and be through with  it until fall. My ol arms are a bit rubbery and oh my back is aching but we finished covering all the beds and got the compost  pile restarted with a fair amount of partially decomposed bedding.
 When we clean pens out we also check  for any repairs that may need  doing. The chicken coop yesterday was pretty much fine  since it was all  rebuilt in January  but the goat shed had  what could have been a very major issue. The front 4x4 beam holding the roof up had broke and was dipping way down and nothing was supporting the front portion of the roof.  The roof had also slid back several inches and had to be moved back into place after jacking up and bracing the broken beam in the front.  How this happened we have no clue, the only thing I could possible think of was the  minor earth quake  from a few months ago. I know that sounds far fetched but keep in mind this is just a loafing shed not a big old barn  type structure.  We also have a tree near the fence line that needs to come down as it is coming out of the ground by its roots and leaning. Before we let the goats out to pasture regularly for the summer months it will need to be taken care of.

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